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3 Paw-Fect Ways to Have Fun with Your Dog This Spring

3 Paw-Fect Ways to Have Fun with Your Dog This Spring

Going out and enjoying the sun is one of the best parts of spring, but having your furry friend beside you while you do it will make it a season to remember.Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to wag your dog’s tail this spring.

Tip #1: Un-Leash Your Dog on the Beach

Every dog owner knows that if there are two things certain breeds of dogs love to do outdoors, it’s digging holes and enjoying the water. What better way to combine the two than a trip to the beach?

Luckily for pet owners, Miami has many paw-fect dog parksopen to the public along the beachfront. There are plenty of other popular spots nationwide. Be sure to check them out at Myrtle Beach, Santa Monica, Haulover Beach, and Hobie Island! Visiting the beach is a great way to get your best friend out in the sun and socializing with other dogs, but it’s also an excellent way for you to have some fun as well. Go out and play frisbee or fetch with your furry friend.

Tip #2: Go For a Woodland Walk

Springtime isn’t just for beaches and dog parks, it’s also a great time to take your dog on a hike through the woods!

Mountains and forests are a great place for weekend trips because they get you away from the stresses of city life and offer your dog a whole new world of sights and smells to explore.

Before you go for a relaxing hike with your pooch, ensure that your favorite parks and campsites are pet-friendly and safefor your four-footed friend.

Tip #3: Grab a Treat at Yappy Hour

Have you always wanted to take your canine companion out for a night on the town? Well, you’re in luck!

“Yappy Hour”is a growing trend among restaurants where pets and their owners are welcomed in on special days for fancy eats and tasty treats.

You’ll see your dog pampered like never before as the events include live music, amazing food from Miami’s best restaurants, and a great environment for you and your hound to socialize with other pooches and pet owners.

Spring is the perfect time to get your dog outdoors, but make sure they are properly hydrated and refueled to keep the fun going. Visit us online for more great tips on how you and your dog can have a paw-fect spring season together.