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Q:Why should I give my dog Spetacular?

A: A dog’s brain and muscles need water to work well. Whether your dog is active or just likes to lay around the house all day, Spetacular is a great way to help promote healthy hydration with our enticing flavors.  Increased hydration in your dog will help flush toxins that could damage a dog’s kidneys and heart.

Q:Should I give Spetacular to an active dog?

A: Yes. If your dog is active, think of Spetacular as a sports drink which was specifically designed for dogs.  We’ve added essential vitamins, minerals and electrolytes

Q:What if my dog already has a lots of energy?

A: Spetacular is a great for helping to alleviate overheating in active dogs.  We’ve added electrolytes to help them replenish sodium and minerals that are important for proper hydration, blood pH and nerve conduction.

Q:Is it safe to give my dog Spetacular everyday?

A: Yes. Spetacular contains vitamins and minerals in doses that are actually beneficial to give your pouch everyday.

Q:Is Spetacular safe for cats?

A: Although Spetacular was designed for dogs, it won’t harm your cat if it takes a sip from your doggie’s bowl.  However, sit tight because we’re working on a formulation for cats which will be out soon!

Q:What happens if my dog drinks too much water?

A: It’s important for your dog to stay well hydrated.  Just be sure to stay within our recommended serving which is 1 squeeze (1/2 TSP) per 8 FL Oz of water.  Your dog will know when it has had enough to drink.

Q:What is canine dehydration?

A: Dehydration is the drying out of the body.  Dehydration in dogs is a common and dangerous condition. If left untreated, dehydration can lead to serious physiological complications, including organ failure and even death!

Q:What happens when a dog in not properly hydrated?

A: The cells are no longer able to do their job correctly.  The ability to regulate heat is greatly compromised, especially during play & physical activity. Without water, proper digestion and absorption of nutrients is significantly reduced. Without water there are increased risks of organ failure.

Q:Is vitamin B6 safe for dogs?

A: Yes.  The AAFCO recommendations for vitamin B6 are 1mg of food daily for dogs.  Spetacular contains 0.6mg per serving.

Q:Is it normal that I see my dog pooping more often after drinking Spetacular?

A: Yes.  Spetacular helps to promote healthy hydration which is beneficial for your dog’s digestive system.

Q:What if my dog's not drinking Spetacular after I’ve added it in their bowl of water?

A: Make sure that you’re adding Spetacular in a fresh bowl of water.  Also, some dogs can be very suspicious when they see us squirting something into their bowl of water.  Give it some time or try some of our different flavors until you find the flavor that is right for your pouch!

Q:Does Spetacular require refrigeration?

A: No, the product does not require refrigeration.  Just be sure to store it at room temperature.

Q:What is the shelf life of Spetacular?

A: Spetacular has a shelf life of 18 months.

Q:Where is Spetacular made?

A: We are proud to say that our product is made in the USA.

Q: Does Spetacular have any added artificial coloring?

A: No.  We have chosen to not add any coloring dyes to our product to keep it as natural as possible.  The yellow color of the product comes from the natural coloring of the vitamins added in the ingredients.

Q:Is the product safe if accidentally consumed by my child?

A: Yes. Although the product is not designed for humans, the product is safe if consumed by children.  

Q:Is the Spetacular Peanut Butter flavor safe around subjects with peanut allergies?

A: Yes. Our peanut butter flavoring is not made with real peanut butter.

Q:Is the product Organic?

A: No.  Our product is not organic but it is made with natural ingredients in the USA which are compliant with the AAFCO.  

Q:Do you have any product safety reports or certifications?

A: Yes.  Our product and ingredients are compliant with the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials). And we are certified by the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (Registration #: Z004222)