Refuel Your Active Best Friend with Electrolytes & Vitamin Boost!


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About us


The essential element for life.

Water is the most overlooked necessary nutrient for life.

To ensure proper hydration, humans consume drinks containing electrolytes and use enhancers to improve the taste of water to encourage consumption.  Hundreds of human energy drinks or water enhancers are available at all retail channels.

What about the healthy hydration of your pet?

Our Story.

Benefits of Spetacular.

  • Helps refuel your dog with essential vitamins and electrolytes
  • Promotes healthy hydration & boosts energy
  • Promotes positive mineral balance for healthy digestion by ingesting electrolytes
  • Promotes the expulsion of harmful chemicals
  • Helps reduce the risk of joint issues by staying hydrated
  • Great treat for dogs with the natural flavors and infused aromas to encourage water consumption.

Co-Founders behind the scenes

Left: Michael Jerome  Right: Jean-Marc Piquion