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Looking For A Family Dog? Check Out Our Top 7 Kid Friendly Dog Breeds!

Looking For A Family Dog? Check Out Our Top 7 Kid Friendly Dog Breeds!

Looking for a new furry family member but want to be sure they are good with your young children? This is the list for you. Every family is different and it is important to find the perfect fit for yours. Read below to find out which pup is the perfect fit that will complete your family.

Beagles were originally bred to be hunters but that doesn’t mean they are dangerous. These dogs are great around active children who love to run around. Since Beagles have a tendency towards obesity with lack of exercise, it is important to take them out for regular walks and keep them on a diet. These walks will get both your child and the dog tired, giving you some much needed relaxation time! Beagles tend to shed very little and barely drool! You can’t ask for a more gentle and loving breed to help keep your child entertained!

Although Bulldogs can look scary, they are anything but. These dogs are highly affectionate and protective. If you have young children, these dogs are great to adopt as puppies. Just like your child, they are high energy as puppies and grow more mature as they get older, they will quite literally grow up together. Bulldogs tend to shed and can get parasites or skin infections if you don’t wipe them down at least once a day. It is important to keep up with their hygiene but other than that, Bulldogs are low maintenance.

For the allergy prone child, a Bichon Frise is a great choice as a first dog. Since these dogs are hypoallergenic, they rarely shed but do require regular grooming! Your child will love to brush the dog which will help to keep their hair tangle-free. This breed is small, so it is important to teach your kids to be gentle with them. These dogs are incredibly playful but are very sensitive, exhibiting the best of both worlds.

Newfoundlands may look intimidating with their huge stature, but that just leaves more room for a big heart. These breeds do require daily brushing with a hard brush and tend to shed more during Fall and Spring. They are easily trained and compatible with humans. Training them is easy due to their patience and eagerness to impress. And how cute would it be for your little one to have their own living teddy bear? SO cute.

Vizslas are incredibly intelligent. These are the underdogs of the list, and are often overlooked when adopting a family dog. These dogs thrive on mental stimulation which is why they are great for children! Children are constantly running or doing something and this is what the Vizsla needs. Being so smart, these dogs are easily trained, making them a perfect dog for your family!

Everyone loves Golden Retrievers! These are the epitome of Mans Best Friend! Their gold coat, and loving nature makes them a great option for a new family pet. These dogs are easy to train and extremely loyal. They love a good game of fetch but don’t mind cuddling indoors either. If you leave them alone in the house they are likely to relax and leave your furniture alone but if you want to play a good game of fetch, they’ll be the first to run after the ball.

Cavaliers were originally French Royalty! They just look royal! Besides their adorable features and long hair, these dogs love to snuggle up with the kids. They are easy to train and active, thriving when playing games with your young child. If you want to feel like modern day royalty and have a cuddly dog, this is the one for you!

Dogs can make a great addition to any family! It is important to do some research before adopting a dog to find the right fit for you! Whether you want an active and attentive dog like a Vizsla, or one that matures with your children like a bulldog, it is important to remember that each breed has a different personality! Good luck on your journey!