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A Pup's Love Note

A Pup's Love Note

To My Human,

It’s #LoveNoteDay so I just wanted to say I love you!

You always take me outside so I can pee on all the spots that the neighbor’s dog peed on. And the smells... so many smells outside! Sniffing all the spots is such an adventure. The dog park is a whole other level of smells too! You picked the perfect one to take me to. The dogs are so so nice there. They always sniff my butt after I sniff theirs. You never do that, but its’s okay I love you anyway.

Thanks for showing me love in public so everyone knows how special I am. And for still saying it in private so I know you mean it. You’re so smart! You know exactly where to sit without walking around it first, I could never do that! Thanks for giving me treats even if I already snuck some in earlier. You keep getting treat boxes that are harder and harder to open. I love that you still give me rubs, even if I try to take your human food. Especially that one spot behind my ear. My favorite is when we watch the colorful picture box and fall asleep together.

I may not understand all the things you do. Like when you don’t like outside rain, but you do like the inside rain that I think you call a shower. And how in that same room you sit on my favorite water bowl that I’m not allowed to drink from. But it’s okay because you give me Spectacular, which makes me feel so good! You deserve the best! I know you don’t like it when I bring you presents from outside so today I’ll just leave you some buried treasure in the backyard! Can’t wait to give you a big lick!

You’re the best human a dog could ask for! I love you so much!


Woof woof,

Your Best Friend!