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To Swim Or Not To Swim?

To Swim Or Not To Swim?

Summer is not over yet and we know that a pool day with your pup isn’t far away! Read these tips below to help you keep your dog cool in the pool!

It is August and it is HOT. Here are some tips to get your furry friend comfortable in the water in no time!

Be safe
Not all dogs are good at swimming immediately, and although most know how to doggy paddle, some are better than others! It is hard for some dogs to keep their head above water. To ensure your dog's safety, you should always put them in a doggy life jacket. This will help them float. Make sure to let your dog get used to the lifejacket outside of the water before you take them swimming so you aren’t adding too many new factors at once.

Teach your dog how to use the pool stairs
Use treats to take your dog into and out of the pool on the steps before immersing them fully. It is important to let them get used to the stairs so they know that they have an easy escape to get out of the pool if they need it.

Mark the spot where your dog can get in and out of the pool
You can use a cone or a flag to show your dog where they can leave the pool if they need to. Most dogs are able to use the stairs so you should put the flag there. Some dogs panic in the water and go in circles or swim to the other side of the pool where they can’t get out and this causes panic. Putting a flag allows your dog to feel safer and gives them a guaranteed escape if they need it.

Limit the first few times swimming
Dogs need time to get their muscles used to certain movements, just like us when we first go to the gym. So it is important to give your pup time to build their strength while swimming. At first, limit their time in the pool to about 5 minutes for the first time and be sure to stay with your dog the whole time and direct them to the stairs if they want to get out.

Dry your dog after swimming
Dogs can get uncomfortable if they are wet for a long period. Chlorine can also be bad for your dogs fur, so it is important to bathe them after a pool day. You can also clean their ears out with ear cleaner, ensuring to clean them of chlorine and debris.

Always remember, dogs are just like humans. If your dog doesn’t like swimming you can’t force them to like it. Just like you wouldn’t like to be forced to go in the pool, you shouldn’t force your furry friend! Take it slow with your pup and let them get used to the pool. And remember... Have fun!