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Happy Dogs Have Healthy Coats!

Happy Dogs Have Healthy Coats!

Is your dog's coat dull? Read these tips below!

Are you wondering how to get the shine back in your dog's coat? Here are some tips to improve your dog’s coat naturally!

1. Protein, protein, protein
A dull coat can imply that your dog has a poor diet. Since hair is made up of 90% protein, it is important to include protein in your pup's diet. When buying pet food, be sure that protein is the first ingredient. Animal by-products and grains aren’t nutrient-rich and will dull out your pup's coat.

2. Incorporate Omega-3 and fatty acids in the diet
Besides the anti-inflammatory effects that Omegas have, they also help to improve your dog's coat. Omega is found in fish and flaxseed oil. Include two tablespoons of fish like tuna, sardines or salmon in your dog's food once a week to see their skin brighten up! If you prefer using oil you can use fish, sunflower, rapeseed, or sunflower oil in their bowl. For small dogs, you should use about one teaspoon once a week, and for bigger dogs, about one tablespoon. Be sure to go easy on the oil because it can hurt your dog's stomach if you feed them too much.

3. Check your treats
Make sure to get natural and organic products. Since your dog is part of the family, everything you feed your dog should be something you would feel comfortable feeding a family member.

4. Brush your dog often
Brushing keeps your dog's coat looking bright! By brushing often, you are stimulating the follicles which, in turn, creates more growth while also monitoring for fleas or ticks.

5. Regular baths
Finding the perfect balance for baths is the key to getting their coat vivid again. It is recommended that you bathe your dog at least once a month. In some instances, every 2 weeks. But every pup is different, so do what feels right. Dogs with oily coats need baths more often than dogs with dry coats.

6. Itchy skin? Try an oatmeal bath.
Oatmeal can prevent itching because it soothes the skin. It also contains Vitamin E which is great for leaving your dog's coat shiny. To utilize the oatmeal in the bath: blend it up in a food processor or blender until it is a powdery consistency, fill the tub with warm water, dump in the oatmeal, and have your dog soak in the bath for as long as they can stand it. Be sure to run the water over their back with a bowl to ensure maximum relief.

7. Daily supplements

Spetacular™️ is a daily supplement that can improve your dog’s skin and coat. By introducing essential vitamins and nutrients to your dog's water daily you are giving them the key to longevity and their coat is sure to thank you!

8. If all else fails: ask the vet.
If your dog is constantly itchy, it may be something more. The vet can help you get to the bottom of it so it doesn’t hurt to ask.

With these tips your dog's coat should be glossy in no time! Don’t get too worried that your dog is itchy because it may be a simple fix! We hope these tips help your dog's coat shine Spetacularly!