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Everything You Need To Know About The English Bulldog!

Everything You Need To Know About The English Bulldog!

If you’re looking for a low energy dog who is great with your kids then look no further, the English Bulldog is for you! Keep reading below to learn more about this great pup!

English Bulldog’s are a beloved family pet known for their silly disposition and cute wrinkles. They were originally bred in England to be a bull-baiting dog which was a popular activity in the Middle Ages, even said to have been enjoyed by Queen Elizabeth. In bull-baiting, bulldogs would attack and bite the bull until the bull was brought down. The bulldogs were bred to be short enough to escape the bulls horns when fighting and their wrinkles were good for keeping blood out of their eyes. Interesting isn't it?

Bulldogs are great family pets, known for their patience, especially with young children. They are great with people but can be a little standoffish with other dogs at first, depending on their personal temperament. Although they may look intimidating, they tend to be very sweet animals who aim to please. They don’t require a lot of attention, which is great for busy families and prefer to cuddle up on the couch rather than be active outside. 

Bulldogs are Brachycephalic which means they have short head and snout. This can lead to a multitude of problems including respiratory, nose, eyes, and teeth issues. It is important to pay special attention to your dog in hot temperatures because it is harder for them to breathe due to a short snout. This makes them more prone to heatstroke, snoring, and noisy breathing. These dogs have the potential of severe breathing problems because the soft palate is longer in Bulldogs. Keep an eye out for breathing problems when your pup is excited or when it is hot out. They are also prone to a lot of other health problems like canine hip or elbow dysplasia, cherry eyes, and ectropion (drooping of the lower eyelid). They have a high tendency to drool and snore. 

These dogs have a low tendency to shed but it is important to wipe them down every day especially inside their wrinkles. This prevents buildup and possible skin infection. These wrinkles are a breeding ground for bacteria so it is important to keep your pup's skin clean and give them a proper wipedown. 

English Bulldogs tend to live 8-10 years. They have great personalities and are known for being gentle. This dog is a great family pet and that you can trust around your young children. They love human attention and aim to please. They are great watchdogs that will protect your family until the end.They don’t require a yard because they are low-energy pups and only need about 20-40 minutes of exercise a day. It is better for them to stay out of the heat and prefer the cold due to their breathing problems.  

English Bulldogs are great family dogs! As long as you are willing to wipe down your pups wrinkles regularly and give them moderate exercise, this is a great dog for you! Make sure to keep them cool and hydrated when outside and enjoy your time with your pup!