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It's Dog Appreciation Day!

It's Dog Appreciation Day!

Happy Dog Appreciation Day! Keep reading to learn more about how this holiday got started and how you can make this day special for your furry friend!

Dog Appreciation Day is made to celebrate every dog, big or small, mixed or purebred, and remind the public how much they do for us! This holiday was started in 2004 by an animal behaviorist named Colleen Paige who wanted to raise awareness for dogs and all they do for us. She chose August 26th because that was the day she adopted her first dog named Sheltie when she was 10 years old. That’s why every August 26th, we celebrate our furry companions for being man's best friend! Dog’s love, loyalty, and happiness should be celebrated every day, but this day gives us the perfect reason to celebrate!

The goal of this day is to raise awareness for “unwanted” dogs everywhere. It aims to help to clear the shelters, encourage donations and adoptions, and also raise awareness on why dogs are so important to society as a whole. Colleen wanted to remind people that dogs show their loyalty in many ways including being emotional support dogs, law enforcement pups, bomb detectors, first responders to tragedies to pull victims, or just being your best friend who gives you kisses when you get home from work. If there’s one thing we can learn from this holiday, it’s that nothing matches a dog's loyalty as much as man's best friend. 

Wondering how to celebrate? How about taking your pup for an extra-long walk, to the beach, pet store, giving extra treats, hiking a new trail, having a doggy playdate, heading to the dog park, baking them a dog friendly treat, donating to your local animal shelter, or even signing up to foster or adopt a new furry friend. The possibilities are endless for this day, but there’s one thing for sure: your best friend deserves the best! 

We hope you have Spetacular™️ National Dog Day!